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Peter en Janny Wierda     Erica (Dr)


Het Haskerhūs

Our kennel, ‘t Haskerhūs, was founded in 1983. With great pleasure, we have been breeding Bouviers des Flandres until 1992.

However, in 1989 we purchased our first schapendoes, "Beitske Ruchiėng Beauty Dogs". We were so enthusiast about her that we decided to stop breeding Bouviers and continued with the schapendoes breed.


Beitske Ruchiėng Beauty Dogs

In 1991, Beitske had her first litter. With that, Beitske became one of the fundamental ancestors of the Haskerhūs schapendoezen and the breed itself. The results of this first litter were exactly that what we hoped for and this gave a clear direction to our vision upon breeding standards.

Since 1983, we have enjoyed many litters with puppies of excellent quality. Apart from that, we believe that great health, a friendly character and, last but not least, good looks are of the utmost importance.

And sinds 2015 we also have Russkaya Tsvetnaya Bolonka's and we are breeding with them as well

See: Bolonka Kennel het Haskerhuske

How do you reach us?

After 18-12-2018

Het Haskerhūs
Janny en Peter Wierda
Noordersloot 33
7887 TC Erica (Dr.)

T: +31(0)6-53991306 and +31-(0)6-53701234



We are members of "De Schapendoes Club" and we breed following the rules of the De Schapendoes Club,
de Raad van Beheer and the F.C.I



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